23 09, 2020

How Laser Hair Therapy Can Help Restore Your Hair?

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Everyone loves to have a positive body image. That is one of the reasons that men and women go to great lengths battling hair loss. Today there are a variety of hair loss solutions available, and one of the most popular hair loss treatment options is Laser Hair Therapy. As an FDA cleared treatment for androgenetic alopecia (hereditary pattern [...]

23 09, 2020

Laser Hair Therapy Can Help Those with Alopecia

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If you or someone you know has alopecia then you know how hard this condition can be to live with. Androgenetic alopecia affects globally over half the population. Over 50 percent are women over 65 and 40 percent are men over the age of 40. The advancements in technology over the past couple of decades laser hair therapy today [...]

21 09, 2020

How Does Laser Hair Therapy Work?

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Low Level Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss When it comes to the latest in hair restoration look no further than laser hair loss treatment therapy. It has become a very popular treatment. It’s quick, painless, non-invasive, and effective for a majority of clients. Treatments are just 15 minutes, three times a week for patients to see thickening hair [...]

15 09, 2020

How Laser Hair Therapy Helps Alopecia?

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Laser Hair Loss Treatment Therapy If you have Alopecia, you know just how difficult a condition it can be to live with. Just trying to manage the problem is a challenge in of its self. Androgenetic alopecia affects men, women, and children around the world. Over 50 percent of women over the age of 65 and 40 percent of [...]