15 02, 2019

How Does PRP for Hair Restoration Work?

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Androgenetic alopecia which is more commonly known as male and female pattern baldness affects millions of people worldwide. While research into its cause continues, currently there is no cure for this common affliction. The modern hair restoration methods used today provide an effective treatment unlike anything in the past decades. One of the newest and most promising hair restoration [...]

10 01, 2019

Understanding Alopecia Areata

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Coping with Alopecia Areata There is no doubt that Alopecia Areata can be a confusing condition. The term "alopecia" simply is a medical designation for hair loss. Alopecia Areata refers specifically to an autoimmune disorder that causes a distinct pattern of hair loss in specific “areas,” most noticeable as presenting with small spots or areas of hair loss. An [...]

23 12, 2018

Common Hair Loss Myths

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Hair loss. It’s an unfortunate thing to happen to the human body, and we can almost guarantee that no one is happy when they see their hair starting to thin or fall out completely. Here are some common hair loss facts that you may not have thought about up until recently. Some of them may surprise you! Myth #1: [...]

23 12, 2018

Is Hair Loss Normal?

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Hair loss can affect anyone – and it does! It is normal to shed 50-100 hairs per day! Follicles throughout the head get tired and need rest. Once they go through this resting phase, the hair then returns. This cycle continues throughout a lifetime until there are no more cycles. The hair then miniaturizes and eventually disappears. If you [...]