Natural, Permanent Results. SmartGraft FUE Hair Transplantation McLean Virginia.

SmartGraft Automated FUE Hair Restoration

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SmartGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplants – McLean, Va.

Get smart about hair transplantation with SmartGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplants at PAI Medical Group in McLean, Virginia.

Hair loss affects men and women, both young and old. Now you can restore your hair and your youthful confidence quickly and discreetly using your own natural growing hair, with SmartGraft Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation, and in less time than many other FUE methods.

Our McLean, Virginia hair transplant patients can go back to work in just one or two days, with hair transplant results look and feel completely natural.

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Why Choose SmartGraft Hair Transplants

SmartGraft uses advanced FUE (follicular unit extraction) automated hair transplant technology. The SmartGraft system was developed by a leading team of hair transplant doctors, medical researchers, and engineers who understood the importance of helping to assist physicians with their FUE surgeries to give patients an alternative to the visible linear scarring that occurs with the traditional strip hair transplant methods.

By using advanced FUE Hair Transplant Restoration technology, SmartGraft uses your own hair to produce the most natural results. The procedure is completed in-office, during a single visit, which means less patient discomfort and a shorter recovery time. And the best part? SmartGraft produces permanent results.

SmartGraft FUE hair transplants offer these benefits:

  • A completely natural look. Because your own hair is used to fill in balding spots, the results produce the most natural, healthy look possible.
  • Minimal scarring. Unlike other traditional procedures which require large strips of hair to be removed and restored, SmartGraft uses individual micro grafts to eliminate linear scar.
  • A single, in-office procedure. The procedure is performed in the doctor’s office and typically lasts about five hours.
  • Almost no downtime. Recovery is short and patients are typically washing their hair within a few days.

The SmartGraft Process

SmartGraft’s FUE Hair Restoration works on a microscopic level, extracting between one to four hair follicles at a time from a region of the head that has healthy hair and “bald resistant”, most typically from the back of the head. Your doctor will then implant these micro hair grafts into the targeted regions, producing the most natural, healthy results. And, because the grafts work on such a small level, there is no noticeable linear scarring like with other transplantation methods.

The “Closed Harvesting System”

The SmartGraft hair restoration system uses what they call a “closed harvesting system.” During the procedure, the hair follicles are removed from the donor area using a rotating cannula. This cannula utilizes programmable suction that carefully removes the hair follicle. The computer technology can count each hair graft that is extracted with great precision. These hair grafts are them stored in a specialized, controlled canister at the correct temperature and kept moist until they are transplanted in the thinning areas.

SmartGraft Hair Transplantation: The Natural Choice

The reason SmartGraft Hair Transplantation is a great choice at PAI Medical Group in McLean, Virginia is because of the results it produces. Visible changes happen quickly and you may first start to notice real hair growth as soon as the first three months after your procedure. Your hair will grow back in phases, and full growth will typically be realized in 11-12 months.

What Our Client’s Say

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“I started to notice I was losing my hair when she cut off my dreds. I have worn dreds for about 14 years. It was only then when I noticed I had hair loss along the edges. I tried to cover the hair loss with wigs and weaves for a while. I have a number of high profile clients that had the SmartGraft procedure done and it seemed like the right option for me, and today I now have my hair back and that has regained my confidence.